No authenticate method (Auth-Type) found for the request

Beeblebrox zaphod at
Sat Jan 19 16:29:32 CET 2013

Just writing to advise of the strange issues I came accross.

1. The Authentication issue was solved when by accident I placed in
users the name / password without any whitespace (<tab> or <space>)
before the password string. So I found that this works:
bob      Cleartext-Password := "hello888"
while this does not:
	bob      Cleartext-Password := "hello888"
Test client now logs in very smoothly.

2. Similarly, below spec gives error (probably my mistake):
Simultaneous-Use := 4
Fall-Through = Yes

/etc/freeradius2/users[8]: Parse error (check) for entry
Simultaneous-Use: Unknown attribute "" requires a hex string, not "4"
Errors reading /etc/freeradius2/users
/etc/freeradius2/modules/files[7]: Instantiation failed for module "files"
/etc/freeradius2/sites/default[170]: Failed to find "files" in the
"modules" section.
/etc/freeradius2/sites/default[69]: Errors parsing authorize section.

Off the top, I would venture to guess that OpenWRT's build of FreeRadius
is significantly different than the "standard build" and that is
probably where the bug is coming from.

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