Freeradius as DHCP server (static IP + some options)

Alan DeKok aland at
Mon Jan 21 23:30:38 CET 2013

Leo Combes wrote:
> Hello.
> I successfully run ISC-DHCP server for provisioning modems in an ISP's
> network, but what I wanted to try is something more modern and with
> database support.
> I want to try using Freeradius as DHCP server, but first I want to know
> if it is possible with these requirements:
> - Need to deliver fixed IP (or static) according to mac-address.

  Yes.  That can be done.  Just return the static IP in an attribute.
You can look these up in a database, using an SQL query.

> - Need to provide, in addition to the IP, some DHCP options. Option 1
> (Subnet mask), Option 3 (Routers), Option 6 (DNS server), Option 15
> (Domainname), Option 18 (Extensions path), Option 66 (TFTP server name),
> Option120 (SIP Servers DHCP Option).

  Sure.  See raddb/sites-available/dhcp

> - The IP and Options corresponding to each mac-address has to be stored
> in mysql.

  Sure.  The modules of the server allow for replies to be based on
information in the request, such as MAC address.

> Freeradius 2.2.0 can provide this functionality just configuring it, or
> it would be necessary to use modules or developments that aren't
> available yet?

  It should just be a matter of configuring it.

  I'd start with static IPs.  See the "sql" module.  You'll probably
want to change the lookup to key off of DHCP-Client-Identifier or
DHCP-Client-Hardware-Address, instead of USer-Name.  (See
share/dictionary.dhcp, and raddb/sql.conf, raddb/postgresql/dialup.conf).

  Then configure IP pools for DHCP.  See modules/dhcp_sqlippool, and

  The configurations aren't as simple as ISC, but the server is
definitely more powerful.  If you have a simple configuration / howto,
send it over, and we'll integrate it into the next release.


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