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Thu Jan 24 17:24:23 CET 2013


I need to give user specific limitation based on where they connect to.
I.e. I have two nas where the user can roam to, but when he logs into hs A he gets Max-Daily-Session := 60, while on B has no daily limit.

Based on research, this should be done with Huntgroup. Current wiki page [1] doesn't eplain very much...
I appended
maxxer      NAS-IP-Address == 87.24.AA.BB
to /etc/freeradius/huntgroups

In radiusd.conf, preprocess section, I have 
huntgroups = ${confdir}/huntgroups

Running freeradius -x I see it reads huntgroups file, but if I try logging in to the NAS at ip 87.24.AA.BB the user doesn't get any special property.

(Sadly) I'm (still) using FreeRadius 1.1.x.

What did I do wrong?



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