upgrading freeradius

Mathieu Simon mathieu.sim at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 14:27:08 CET 2013


Am 27.01.2013 14:00, schrieb Tzvika Gelber:
> I have a working server running on version 2.1.10
> I just saw that there is version 2.2.0 and i would like to ask if an
> upgrade is a must
> and where can i fined the documentation about how to do such a thing?
> My FR us running on Ubuntu 12.04.
2.1.10 is the version delivered by your distribution - and contains
backported security bugfixes released until 2.2.0. In terms of security,
your version is fine.

You could move to 2.2.0, but that requires more work like:
- building from source
- look around for backported DEB packages (or build your own one)
- moving to a newer (non-LTS version) of Ubuntu (will give you 2.1.12
right now)

As long as you're not missing specific features or bugfixes only found
after 2.1.10 was released, you can safely stay on that version.

There are however circumstances where building from source gives the extra
flexibility and bleeding edge code for your special use case, but that's
not always
outweighing the invested time to build and maintain it on your own.

-- Mathieu

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