move /etc/raddb/users file to mysql

Stefan König montiburns at
Mon Jan 28 09:25:00 CET 2013

Hello List,

I inherited an old freeradius 1.1.8 system which is configured to use a
mysql DB.
So far so good, but now I discovered, that someone also created a
/etc/raddb/users file with some DEFAULT information in it.
The funny thing is, that I have also some DEFAULT information in my DB
in radgroupreply, which is where I think the data from the "users" file
As far as I see in our config, the flat files have precedence over SQL.

I am not very deep into freeradius, so I have some questions which I
hope someone can answer:

1) Does the data from the "users" file go into radgroupreply table?
2) I have a DEFAULT groupname in the DB and in the flat file, will I
have to rename the flat file DEFAULT groupname to something else to
avoid problems?
3) "op" needs to be "=~" and ":=" for the first to settings and "==" for
all the following?

For your reference here is the anonymized content of my users file:

DEFAULT User-Name =~"@example\.net$",
        Auth-Type := "Accept"
        Context-Name == local,
        Tunnel-Domain == 1,
        Tunnel-Type == L2TP,
        Tunnel-Medium-Type == IP,
        Tunnel-Client-Endpoint ==,
        Tunnel-Server-Endpoint ==,
        Tunnel-Password == password,
        Tunnel-Assignment-Id ==,
        Tunnel-Function == 1,
        Tunnel-Local-Name == EXAMPLE.NET

Thanks for any help or hints!


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