Freeradius as DHCP server (static IP + some options)

Leo Combes combesl at
Mon Jan 28 21:33:36 CET 2013

2013/1/23  <A.L.M.Buxey at>:
> hi,
> those ID values look a little 'wierd' - vary large and negative

I don't understand where this values came from? which would be the
normal values?

> does the DHCP response leave the server?   do you have anything
> like dHCP snooping on the network that might be blocking the
> responses from this new DHCP server .... or is the client getting
> its answers from a.n.another DHCP server and so not dealing with
> the FR response?
> alan

I tried connecting the modem directly to the server, without a switch
or any server that may cause any trouble. I got the same result, the
server receives DISCOVER packet. Chechinkg the log on debug, it seems
to send and OFFER (Sending DHCP-Offer of id 8e22cb4d from to but it doesn't, It's
verified that it does not send it.

What can I check, in order to find the problem?

Thanks for your interest.

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