can't seem to authenticate only from windows 7 laptops

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The problem was a windows 7 default configuration which it uses system
credential instead of user providing information.




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Subject: can't seem to authenticate only from windows 7 laptops





I’m new to the list and freeRADIUS.

I’ve encountered a problem while I’m trying to build a wireless network
environment using freeRADIUS.


I’ve setup a custom wireless router using Openwrt and freeRADIUS with

I have a couple of wireless clients - smartphones, laptops (win7, win8, mac)


>From windows 8 station, mac and smartphones I can access to wireless router
successfully authenticating through freeradius, while I can’t seem to
authenticate from windows 7 clients.

I’ve checked the error logs from radius server and windows 7 client is
sending their computer-name as an username instead of the one I entered.


I don’t have any domain controller nor am I using certificate right now.


Any suggestion?




D Kim


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