something like huntgroups?

A.L.M.Buxey at A.L.M.Buxey at
Tue Jul 2 13:07:08 CEST 2013


> We have a generic VPN profile that we'd like to allow *all* users to
> login to - this works well.
> When users login to the "secret" profile, then the following VPN
> attribute is included in the request:
> Vendor-3076-Attr-146 = 0x554d44

use/load the dictionary.cisoc.vpn3000 dictionary file (its what ASA have inherited)
the 146 attribute isnt present currently so just add it to the file after the
Member-Of entry eg


ATTRIBUTE	CPVN3000-Member-Of			145	string
ATTRIBUTE       CPVN3000-Tunnel-Group-Name		146	string

theres a tonne of other attributes missing from that dictionary....havent got time
to send through the change right now.


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