Setting Class attribute by LDAP Groups

Patrick Gawthorne pgawthorne at
Thu Jul 4 05:35:37 CEST 2013


Currently trying to implement a way to get the Ldap-Group used for checking (within acct_users) into the Accounting-Request packet as the Class attribute.. I can get it to send a static variable just fine using; (I'm proxying the account messages)

update request {
                Class = "Some Variable"

However I was looking at doing something on the lines of;

update request {
                Class = "%{Ldap-Group}"

Also tried defining a custom variable within the dictionary file and setting it within acct_users however it expands to nothing in preacct section.. I must be doing something wrong.

I did read somewhere if you included the Class variable within the reply in the Access-Accept packet that it would be sent back and used within the accounting messages as well but this hasn't been the case for me.
Even if it's just some static variable that I set within the 'acct_users' to get it to send the class attribute; this will achieve my goal.
Assuming that the 'users' file and the 'acct_users' file have the same behaviour then why can't I set Class within the 'acct_users' file like I can with 'users' file?

Any assistance on this will be greatly appreciated. :)


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