LDAP authentication filter based on source SSID

Gustavo Vieira Oliveira gustavov at sc.senai.br
Fri Jul 12 17:48:48 CEST 2013

We got it working, the AP is sending the SSID with the calling station 
ID but only setting "radius-server vsa send" in the Access-point.

The problem is that we have to do it manually  (the Controller doesn't 
support it) in the AP, so when it reboots for some reason it cannot 
authenticate cause the RADIUS doesn't receive the SSID. So, we need an 
alternative for that.

Any suggestion?!


Gustavo Vieira Oliveira

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Em 12/07/2013 12:31, Alan Buxey escreveu:
> Look at the requests coming from your AP in debug mode.  You should 
> see information there that can be used eg called station id with SSID 
> appended or a VSA with the SSID name or number in it.  Use that with 
> your policy
> alan

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