[ANN] Version 3.0.0-rc0

Stefan Winter stefan.winter at restena.lu
Mon Jul 15 11:30:59 CEST 2013


> If you are planning on deploying 3.0 and have an existing 2.x.x configuration you were planning to migrate when the 3.0 is released, now would be a good time to try that, and to report any issues or problematic behaviour changes you notice.

I must be missing something pretty obvious, so sorry if the below
question is just noise...

I'll have replace my sql_log instances with rlm_sql_null (*sniff*).

So as I was in the process of re-weriting the first instance config, I
stumbled over the 2.x parameter:

sql_log sql-relay-acct-vpn {
	path = ${radacctdir}/sql-relay-common

Which is useful for knowing where the text file with the queries ends up.

And in 3.0.0-rc0 ... there is no such thing?!? Or I just don't get it.

mods-available/sql speaks of setting "null" and dialect to "mysql" - and
the dialect config doesn't have file names.

The only filename I see in the sql config is sqltracefile. Maybe that's
it, but with that parameter description, the semantics would be a rather
horrible mismatch.

NB: README.rst doesn't mention the death of sql_log nor that sql (null)
is its replacement.


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