Fwd: radiusclient-ng in Debian

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.com.au
Mon Jul 15 23:21:48 CEST 2013

On 15/07/13 21:51, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> I just opened this report against radiusclient-ng in Debian (see below),
>> can anybody else comment on the situation, in particular, for
>> compatibility?  Is there any urgency for Debian to update to the new
>> client code?
>   It has a number of bugs fixed.  The old radiusclient-ng code is no
> longer maintained.

I'm in the pkg-voip group at Debian so I can potentially package this
new version of the library

>> I think the wiki page referenced below is not up to date, it refers to a
>> CVS repository but it appears that the client code is not in github
>   It's on github, as freeradius-client.

Ok, my mistake, I did see it in github - it was just a wiki issue

>> Also, is anybody aware of C++ wrappers for this code or a C++ alternative?
>   Nope.  C++?  What's that? :)

That's what we use in reSIProcate - we have a very basic wrapper for
rlm_digest auth:


We have a GSoC student helping us out this summer and he will probably
have a go at generalising that code to work with rlm_hmac (for
STUN/TURN) as well as existing SIP support.

It may be possible for us to contribute the most general part of our
solution back to the client library project

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