Delete one value of multiple attribute(Class)

Okis Chuang okischuang at
Wed Jul 17 03:59:16 CEST 2013

Is there anyone can help? 

Actually I can write a short perl script to do this, but I try to do with
pure unlang. 

So.if someone can told me whether this purpose can be done with only unlang,
I can save lots of time on this endless trial. Lol


In fact, the reason why I need this function is that sometimes we treat some
attributes as temporary variable for generating another attribute value

Then erase it before sending request or reply out. So I am wondering would
majority of FR user do this things like this?

I personally pretty love this way for some policy processing, and that how
FreeRADIUS to be powerful and flexible I think. So I believe there might be
somebody else probably need this.

Alright.just free chat.







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