Delete one value of multiple attribute(Class)

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Thu Jul 18 04:11:07 CEST 2013

Hi all,


Really appreciate all your kind supports and helps very much. 

Alan..I didn't meant to be inaccurate about describing my situation...I just
don't want to blur my question with too many details.

Well, I think I didn't keep the balance well. If let you feel bad, I'm very
sorry about that.

Then you mentioned keeping information in the fact, it's a long


Anyway, I agree the most part of your point. However, in some kind of
situation, I almost can't avoid that. Like this time, due to lacking of
supporting on another mandatory attribute(Chargeable-User-Identity) that
external AAA needs in our wi-fi gateway, we decide to make this workaround
without database.

The less database transaction, the better solution it would be. This is the
principle we follow on the implementation of RADIUS Proxy server. 

Our proxy server is like a guard who should check and make many policy or
criteria before requests are proxied out. So we do our most effort to
prevent us from relying on database.


And Thank to Olivier! I've been desired to try 3.0.0 for a long time, while
there isn't a good chance for. 

I've found some new and helpful features in 3.0.0 about Unlang, but never
experience them yet. The functions you mention are really helpful. 

Maybe I should start to plan migrating to 3.0.0. 


And also thanks for SerpentoR, but unfortunately I can't know which index of
Class array is what I want, and even cannot sure about how many items in
Class array.

So such like "foreach" could be my need for solving this problem.


Thanks for all respondents again!





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