Dynamic vlan assignment

Dario Palmisano Dario.Palmisano at icgeb.org
Fri Jul 19 15:37:18 CEST 2013

Hello Everybody,

I am configuring my freeradius to be integrated in the EDUROAM federation.
It works when the VLAN (as configured in the accesspoint) is statically 

Now I would like to implement a "dynamic vlan assignment" on a per user basis;
in this case the Macintosh I am using for test gets authenticated but is not 
able to get the ip address frm DHCP (it shows as, so remaing 

I carefully followed instructions (regarding the accesspoint and freeradius) 
and searched the web for a possible reason, but unsuccessfully.

I am not sure the problem is not in the accesspoint configuration (a CISCO 
AP1131AG), anyway the accesspoint receives the indication to use the specified 

I will appreciate any suggestion you would like to provide

Thanks and regards


P.S.: I know the request is quite generic, but I am ready to provide radius 
log, or configuration files.

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