2.2.0 - Shared Secret is incorrect

Anja Ruckdaeschel Anja.Ruckdaeschel at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Jul 19 16:45:30 CEST 2013

Sorry, but I only wanted to know why the behaviour has changed and if there is
any way to do it by configuration or access it with unlang...

 If I remove the client completely, log in normal mode says):
Fri Jul 19 16:32:29 2013 : Error: Ignoring request to authentication address *
port 1812 from unknown client x.x.x.x port 45494
... which could be used for a DoS with a radius server running port 1812 open
for the world.

If I add the client  and use a wrong secret, log says: 
Fri Jul 19 16:33:09 2013 : Auth: Login incorrect: [radtestuser] (from client
xxxx port 0)

It´s a kind of misleading information, because it has nothing do do with users
login, but with a wrong shared secret on the NAS.

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