2.2.0 - Shared Secret is incorrect

Anja Ruckdaeschel Anja.Ruckdaeschel at rz.uni-regensburg.de
Fri Jul 19 17:32:06 CEST 2013

Dear Arran,

Sorry, about the typo with debug

I looked at the invalid packet counters. Only shows the requests with wrong
shared secrets  in rejects-Counter ... Same thing....

stats client auth x.x.x.x
        requests        5
        responses       5
        accepts         1
        rejects         4
        challenges      0
        dup             0
        invalid         0
        malformed       0
        bad_signature   0
        dropped         0
        unknown_types   0

But thanks for the tipp....

I´m aware of that log "formats" change, but I couldn´t get A.L.M.s
explanation, because of the unknown-Error appearing and the shared secret-Info
not "because of DoS prevention".

If you have a lot of radius-servers running and a lot of switches, you are
glad to do some syslog-collection and an automated-search for
any string or character in a log line showing that x.x.x.x has a wrong secret
or is not known to radius, so the problem can be fixed immediatly.

The only two types of "NAS-Misconfiguratin" I´m interested in are:
- The client is unknown o the RADIUS-Server (which is still logged).
- The shared secret is wrong (which is not in the log anymore).

So, I think I´ll  change the code.

Thanks for your time...

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