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I think you should read documentation about CoA offered by your NAS.

Then see what can likely be about *Missing Attribute* at least. You better
know about all of Error-Cause it may occur. 

In my experience, it might be lack of key on identifying unique host.


In other words, could it be your Acct-Session-Id or User-Name cannot be
primary key to identify one host on the NAS?




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thanks all,,, i am using huawei NAS.

here is the complete log


"Acct-Session-Id=1B1E97C3,User-Name=002682615F4E at,NAS-IP-Address
=" | radclient -x  disconnect huaweiaaa



Sending Disconnect-Request of id 0 to port 3799

        Acct-Session-Id = "1B1E97C3"

        User-Name = "002682615F4E at"

        NAS-IP-Address =

rad_recv: Disconnect-NAK packet from host port 3799, id=0, length=26

        Error-Cause = Missing-Attribute


whats wrong???



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<quote author='Nadeem'>
hi everybody,,
I wanna implement COA (Change Of Authorization) in freeradius. I have a
live session of a device, I wanna disconnect this device forcefully.

I isssued following command

"Acct-Session-Id=1B1E97C3,User-Name=002682615F4E at,NAS-IP-Address
| radclient -x disconnect 'huaweiaaa'

but it give the error of "missing attribute".
Can anybody tell me what is the issue. Thanks

What kind of CoA server you are using? In my experiences, coa highly depends
on the type of NAS. In my case that I has a WiFi GW as CoA server, it
usually gets "Missing Attributes" if I missed some *keys* of identifying
unique user. Such as "NAS-IP-Address + NAS-Port-Id" or
"Some-VSA-Can-Be-A-Key" or "Acct-Session-Id" and usually with priority.

Besides, maybe you can post some more detailed output of your testing so
that we can do more help.


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