restricting users using huntgroup

Alan Kong akongr at
Tue Jul 30 10:49:42 CEST 2013


I want to use huntgroup to restrict users connecting. If the user is 
added in huntgroup and login and clear password was entered in users 
file, the user has no problem in accessing. When I add another user in 
huntgroup but using Unix password file to authenticate, I keep getting 
invalid user in radius log.  Could you please advise on possible solution.

"huntgroups" file:
erg-rbs         NAS-Identifier == ERG-RBS
                 User-Name == csetest,   (No problem)
                 User-Name == akong

"users" file:
csetest NAS-Identifier == "ERG-RBS", Cleartext-Password := "test"
         Fall-Through = No
#DEFAULT Auth-Type == PAP, Huntgroup-Name == "erg-rbs"
DEFAULT Auth-Type == System, Huntgroup-Name == "erg-rbs"

Thank you.


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