[ANN] Version 3.0.0-beta1

Arran Cudbard-Bell a.cudbardb at freeradius.org
Tue Jun 4 20:18:50 CEST 2013

The majority of the potentially disruptive code changes have now been completed for 3.0 and it is at a stage where community testing would be helpful.

To provide a single point to test against, the release_3_0_0_beta1 tag has been created.

The tarball is available here:


Instructions for converting existing 2.1.x configurations are available here:


Please post any defects to 

3.0 will be released _soon_, likely within the next month.

Significant changes from release_3_0_0_beta0:
* xlat expansions and conditions are now precompiled at server start.
* Syntax checking for xlat expansions and conditions is performed at server start.
* rlm_ldap now has support for caching groups.
* Casting is now supported to explicitly convert attributes and values to a common type for comparisons.
* Direct comparison of attribute references is now supported e.g. &<attr1> == &<attr2>.
* Comparisons of IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes are now supported, with the prefixes treated as sets of IPs.
* New rlm_idn module providing an xlat expansion for performing IDNA encoding of internationalized domain names. (thanks to 'skids').
* New sha1 xlat expansion (thanks to Alan Buxey)
* New rlm_yubikey module to validate yubikey OTP tokens.
* Rewritten rlm_sqlite driver. Now supports creating new databases on server startup for bootstrapping purposes.
* Colourised log messages when logging to stdout.

Internal changes:
* All traces of the old build system have been removed.
* clang is better supported.
* A significant portion of memory management has been moved to talloc, and many of the internal API functions have been updated to take context pointers.
* New API for iterating over VALUE_PAIRs, this is in preparation for nested attributes. No new code should directly modify vp->next pointers or treat VALUE_PAIRs as if they were elements in a linked list. Iterating over VALUE_PAIRs should now be done with paircursor, pairnext, and pairfindnext.
* VALUE_PAIRs no longer contain attribute and vendor fields, they instead contain pointers to DICT_ATTRs.
* Some protocol specific code has been moved out into proto_* modules.
* Standardised internal logging macros. New code should use these macros instead of calling radlog* directly. https://github.com/FreeRADIUS/freeradius-server/blob/master/src/include/log.h
* Use OpenSSL hashing functions when available.
* Sever now builds with no warnings on most platforms.
* New RADIUS encoder/decoder.

Arran Cudbard-Bell <a.cudbardb at freeradius.org>
FreeRADIUS Development Team

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