Removing stale expired accounts from SQL

Ethan Hayon ehayon at
Tue Jun 4 21:46:34 CEST 2013


I am running into a problem where a user's account is expired (using the
Expiration module), however their radreply entry still exists in mysql.
This becomes a problem when the user signs up again with the same MAC
address because they will be rejected since their MAC address already
exists in radreply as expired.

I know that a cron task can be used to clean up the database and wipe out
all expired accounts, but is there a better way. I'm afraid that even a 5
minute interval won't be good enough if the user signs back up immediately
after their account expires.

Should I be doing this with unlang? I was thinking of using unlang to
delete all of the associated radreply entries in modules/expiration.

Has anyone experienced this problem before, and what solution do you think
is best?

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