FreeRadius with Jradius module

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I am a little new to this group, so I am afraid I can not do much, but I do like to contribute if I could. Also I might have questions which we can share/study together.

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> Hi All,
> Currently we are planning to use FreeRadius with Jradius server.
> But I find Jradius is not well supported by FreeRadius.
> We have to copy jradius.conf and rlm_jradius.c from Jradius package to FreeRadius package to build the module.

Or you know, build the server from source, that works too.

> Furthermore many FreeRadius versions do not support Jradius at all.

Um. It's been included in releases for the past four years.

> So I'd like to see if any people have the same problem with me? And how do you handle this? And I would like to know if Jradius would be supported in later releases?

Well it's been removed entirely from version 3 pending a rewrite... Would you like to volunteer?

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