buffered-sql, radsqlrelay and fault resilience

Yann Belin yann at 98chimp.org
Tue Jun 11 14:12:02 CEST 2013

>> We then have a detail reader (see "copy-acct-to-home-server"
>> virtual server) that reads this file and relays it to the
>> management RADIUS server for centralised logging.
>> If the management server goes down, the files on disc just grow
>> until it comes back again and then the logs are relayed over.
>> It works well, and means that there are no dependencies on the
>> management server for service to be operational.
> Checking that now. I'd rather avoid having a radius server instance
> running on management server, but I don't think I have much other
> options here.

Seems that running additional radius server on management server will
be a no-go for me. I'm reverting back to first idea and trying to find
a workaround to get freeradius to start even if accounting/management
DB is unreachable... Any ideas welcome.

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