eap sim authorization problem

Rodney Machado rodmachado at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 11 20:21:37 CEST 2013

After reading again the documentation, i got to this point:

What's with the commas in the raddb/users file?
Commas link lists of attributes together. The general format for a raddb/users file entry is:
name Check-Item = Value, ..., Check-Item = Value Reply-Item = Value, . . . Reply-Item = Value 
Where the dots means repetition of attributes.
	* The first line contains check-items ONLY.
	* Commas go BETWEEN check-items.
	* The first line ends WITHOUT a comma.
	* The next number of lines are reply-items ONLY.
	* Commas go BETWEEN reply-items.
	* The last line of the reply-item list ends WITHOUT a comma.
Check-items are used to match attributes in a request packet or to set server parameters. Reply-items are used to set attributes which are to go in the reply packet. So things like Simultaneous-Use go on the first line of a raddb/users file entry and Framed-IP-Address goes on any following line.

I'm going to fix the user file and give it a try again.

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