buffered-sql, radsqlrelay and fault resilience

Yann Belin yann at 98chimp.org
Wed Jun 12 17:26:27 CEST 2013

>> Seems that running additional radius server on management server will
>> be a no-go for me. I'm reverting back to first idea and trying to find
>> a workaround to get freeradius to start even if accounting/management
>> DB is unreachable... Any ideas welcome.
> Run the detail reader in a separate FreeRADIUS process on the local machine,
> and wrap it in a sleep/restart watchdog?

Thanks Phil your suggestion put me on the right track. Instead of
running two daemons at the same time, I modified init.d script in
order to detect start failure and - if it happens - try to start
alternate daemon/config (without management SQL server). With a bit of
scripting for check & recovery on the management server I should be on

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