evaluating unlang IF with sql results

Bill Schoolfield bill at billmax.com
Fri Jun 14 14:29:23 CEST 2013

Actually this particular issue was the parenthesis around the number. I had added
them in the expression to make sure the math occurred before the logical comparison.

Without them though, unlang's IF seems to evaluate the first expression (a subtraction)
and ignores things afterwards. So the IF always evaluated to true.

I've concluded that the use of IF with multiple expressions won't work. So I have move
this logic to perl.


On 6/13/2013 6:55 PM, Alan DeKok wrote:
> Bill Schoolfield wrote:
>> The above code fails with a message (below) that says "(Right field is
>> not a number at: (1371158700))". I tried adding
>> a zero to force a number interpretation but this does nothing.
>    That error is produced by the SQL database, not by FreeRADIUS.
>    My guess is that the error is because the number is larger than 2^32.
>    Alan DeKok.
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