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Fri Jun 14 21:12:49 CEST 2013

sql sql2 {

sql sql_gowifi{
driver = "rlm_sql_mysql"

# Connection info:
server = "localhost"
#port = 3306
login = "dbuser"
password = "pass"
radius_db = "radius"
 # Print all SQL statements when in debug mode (-x)
sqltrace = yes
sqltracefile = ${logdir}/custom.sql

# number of sql connections to make to server
num_sql_socks = 5

# number of seconds to dely retrying on a failed database
connect_failure_retry_delay = 60

# lifetime of an SQL socket.  If you are having network issues
# such as TCP sessions expiring
lifetime = 0

# Maximum number of queries used by an SQL socket.  If you are
# having issues with SQL sockets lasting "too long".
max_queries = 0

# Set to 'yes' to read radius clients from the database ('nas' table)
readclients = yes

#default_user_profile = "0"

sql_user_name = "%{sql2:select s.* from (select @user:=BINARY
'%{User-Name}' p) parm , upm s}"

group_membership_query = "SELECT plan FROM `voucher` WHERE (code =BINARY
'%{SQL-User-Name}' and `sts`='1')"

this is the section where i am having problem and i will give the debug
output shortly

also i denied to give the full code as it's part of my confidential company
files if i give the full code then someone might get the details about the
table structure
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