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BALSIANOK, Peter Peter.Balsianok at orange.sk
Wed Jun 19 12:12:06 CEST 2013


I never run radiusd as root user ( for both cases ).
The user/group is able to write, because i see general log message

Wed Jun 19 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Loaded virtual server <default>
Wed Jun 19 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Loaded virtual server default
Wed Jun 19 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Ready to process requests.

I didnt see log message about authentification ( correct / incorrect login ) for case, when i run [path]/sbin/radiusd -d [configuration file]. 

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> When i use parameter -x, everythink works correct ( i see auth log message ):

that'll be because with -x or -X the service runs as root.  without those arguments it will run as th user configured in the radiusd.conf - please ensure that user/group is able to write into that location

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