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BALSIANOK, Peter Peter.Balsianok at orange.sk
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Hmm, sorry but if i am logged in as none root user ( for example as radiusd user ). Its not important if i will run
[path]/sbin/radiusd -d [config file]
[path]/sbin/radiusd -x -d [config file]
from command line ( both service will be run under radiusd environment, not root ). 

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> Hi,
> I never run radiusd as root user ( for both cases ).

yes you do - when you are running in '-x' mode

> The user/group is able to write, because i see general log message
> Wed Jun 19 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Loaded virtual server <default> Wed 
> Jun 19 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Loaded virtual server default Wed Jun 19 
> 08:18:49 2013 : Info: Ready to process requests.

IIRC that stuff is done before the server drops down to lower priv

check your permissions, check your audit logs (if running SELinux). standard installs do not have this issue.

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