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Olivier Beytrison olivier at
Thu Jun 20 09:15:11 CEST 2013

On 20.06.2013 08:21, Dagia Dorjsuren wrote:
> Hello,
>     Does anyone know how to solve following issue?
> In this case :
> 1. NAS (Chillispot based access point)
> 2. Freeradius
> If NAS is shutdowned, the freeradius keeps all user logins of that NAS.
> In this case, the users session is alive. In fact, freeradius doesn't
> know if NAS's status is shutdowned or running. Is there any
> configuration that freeradius disconnects the users automatically when
> NAS is shutdowned?

Freeradius can't disconnect a user, except by sending CoA Packets to the
NAS. But in your case, the NAS is down.

I guess you're keeping the accounting information in a database or
something. You need to run an expiration query so the session is marked
closed when freeradius doesn't hear from the NAS for a certain amount of

Search through the list as this came up a few weeks ago.


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