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> Could you explain more about it? Where I can find schema/scripts?

So the idea is that you have a column in the database that gets update every time you receive an interim-update.

If the difference between NOW() and the last update is greater than the interim update interval, then the client has most likely gone offline, and the session can be marked as closed.

The extended schema (it's only one more column) and updated queries are in the master branch. You can't copy and paste directly because of the configuration file format changes, but you can just copy the queries across between 3.0.0, 2.0.0 as the schema hasn't changed that much.

For closing out stale sessions, as I said, you can run multiple queries (separated by semi colon), so can use accounting packets to trigger the process. Or you can just use cron, and call whatever client binary is appropriate for your database.

Do whatever you think is appropriate. Personally i'd go for cron, but some people like to have the server be self maintaining.


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