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Thanks for your help.

We want two authorization in the same times, for example, to ensure that user not used his iPhone
with his DOMAIN/UserName account.
Mac Authorization is not a good way for us ( Too restrictive to keep up to date )
Authorization by certificat too because we have a lot of hosts which doesn't support that.

Nicolas CLO.

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nicolas.clo at wrote:
>       Is it possible to verify host with mschapv2

  That question has a number of unstated assumptions.  Those assumptions
are wrong.

  Does the *host* provide mschapv2 authentication data?  No.  Therefore,
the host can't be verified with mschapv2.

> and if the module
>       return ok proceed to username verfication with the same module ?

  You're asking for mschapv2 to authenticate two different identities at
the same time.  It doesn't do that.

  What do you really want to do?  Your question assumes a particular
view of things.  That view is wrong, so we can't help you.

  If you describe what you have and what you want to do, we may be able
to come up with a different approach that meets your needs.

  Alan DeKok.

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