Julian Macassey julian at tele.com
Mon Jun 24 17:38:29 CEST 2013

On 2013-06-22 at 01:23, Roberto Ortega Ramiro (roberto.ortega at esj.es) wrote:

> Hi, You have 2 modules ldap, one is ldap  and the other is including
> configuration file /etc/freeradius/modules/ldap-orig
> Put /etc/freeradius/modules/ldap-orig out of modules directory.

	Done. As per the docs, and common practice, I keep an
original copy of any configuration file, so should I break
anything, I can start again at the beginning.

> The dns goes right? I'll put the ldap server's ip instead of name.

	Yes, DNS is working and the IP is for the ldap server.

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