John Dennis jdennis at redhat.com
Mon Jun 24 21:45:47 CEST 2013

On 06/24/2013 03:15 PM, Julian Macassey wrote:
> On 2013-06-24 at 14:32, John Dennis (jdennis at redhat.com) wrote:
>> You need to configure radius to work with ldap, but you haven't done
>> that. You have to uncomment the ldap module from
>> /etc/raddb/sites-enabled/default in the authorize section and also
>> configure your ldap values in /etc/raddb/modules/ldap. You haven't done
>> either of those.
> 	Actually I have:

If you had then there would have been rlm_ldap module configuration in
the debug log you sent, but there isn't, you did try reading the debug

> ldap {
>         #
>         #  Note that this needs to match the name in the LDAP
>         #  server certificate, if you're using ldaps.
>         server = "plumgrid-ldap1"
>         #identity = "cn=admin,o=My Org,c=UA"
>         #password = mypass
>         basedn = "o=PLUMGRID,c=UA"
>         filter = "(uid=%{%{Stripped-User-Name}:-%{User-Name}})"
>         #base_filter = "(objectclass=radiu
>> I'm afraid I can't help anymore, you need to start helping yourself
>> first, pay attention to what you're doing, don't fail about, start with
>> a vanilla configuration, put it under source control so you can revert,
>> make only one change at a time, change only what you understand, and
>> read the doc, most of it is inside the config files themselves.

> 	Done all of what you suggest.

No you haven't.

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