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Sun Jun 30 18:56:03 CEST 2013

In previous versions PW_TYPE_DEPRECATED was a flag set for certain configuration items which generated a warning when the config item was used.

This was to inform users that they needed to update part of their configurations, and that support for the old configuration item would be removed soon.

With 3.0.0 the PW_TYPE_DEPRECATED flag has been kept, but the server will now refuse to start if the configuration contains any deprecated configuration items.

This was done for a couple of reasons: 

	Firstly with the current code it's not possible to to tell if a configuration item had already been set. So where a deprecated configuration item was used, the server would still refuse to start if PW_TYPE_REQUIRED was set on the new configuration item.

	Secondly it makes it a PITA for anyone who has to maintain those legacy configurations. With 2.x.x you could make minimal changes to a < 2.x.x configuration and have it start. But the resulting config would look absolutely nothing like the config shipping with 2.x.x.

This isn't good, it makes it harder for other people to maintain the installation, and means that following online tutorials and documentation is difficult.

The README doc in raddb is pretty comprehensive on what needs to be modified to get 2.0.0 working with 3.0.0. If you notice any other changes please open an issue on

Although it is possible to install the 3.0 configuration over the top of an existing 2.x.x configuration. It is *NOT* recommended. You'll likely be left with a lot of cruft and references to modules which no longer exist. It's recommended to instead, work with a vanilla 3.0 configuration and do the migration manually.


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