mschap module vs ntlm_auth module

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Ok, thanks for your help!

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On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 5:12 PM, Phil Mayers <p.mayers at> wrote:

> On 06/03/13 15:31, Óscar Remírez de Ganuza Satrústegui wrote:
>> Good afternoon,
>> As I said some days ago in this list, we have configured our freeradius
>> server to use ntlm_auth for autentication following the document:
>> active_directory.html<>
> If you read that page carefully, you'll see it's talking about two
> different modules for two different purposes.
> Specifically:
>  1. It first talks about creating an instance of the "exec" module called
> "ntlm_auth". This processes PAP requests, and is tested by forcing Auth-Type
>  2. It then talks about throwing that config away (remove the Auth-Type,
> stop using that module) and now configuring the "mschap" module, by setting
> the "ntlm_auth" helper.
> It might be a bit confusing that "ntlm_auth" is used twice there - once as
> the name of an "exec" instance, once as a config variable for the "mschap"
> module, but they're different use-cases.
>> Everything is working as expected. Thanks!
>> But I have some doubts about that documentation.
>> In section "Configuring FreeRADIUS to use ntlm_auth" is said to "to list
>> ntlm_auth in the authenticate sections of each the
>> raddb/sites-enabled/default file, and of the
>> raddb/sites-enabled/inner-**tunnel file."
>> I have made some tests and it seems that is not needed to add it, as
> Correct, you don't need it.
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