Value-pairs from exec script

Alan DeKok aland at
Wed Mar 6 21:52:01 CET 2013

Brian Wallen wrote:
> Thanks for the originate-coa tip, I didn't know about that.
> I don't think I'm misreading the debug output.

  Well, you're not posting it here.

  Perl is pretty simple.  $RAD_REPLY{'User-Name'} = "foo" does what you
expect.  It *sets* the User-Name to that value.  It doesn't *add* a new

> When I go into the MySQL
> DB, I see a mac address as a username. Do I need to add something like
> update control {
> User-Name := ???
> }
> to my config?

  I have no idea.

  Fix one problem at a time.  Don't go trying random solutions until
you've (a) understood, and (b) fixed the original problem.

  Alan DeKok.

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