Redirecting Reject Request To Webpage

Alan DeKok aland at
Fri Mar 8 15:14:44 CET 2013

Russell Mike wrote:
> *Question:* Redirecting Reject Request To Webpage
> For example, a customer would get reject from FR due to non payment. but
> at this stage customer do not know, what is happening. Why internet in
> down. We want the request to redirected to a web page that will display
> the cause of disconnection. 

  RADIUS doesn't do that.  It does authorization or authentication.  It
doesn't do firewalling or routing.

  Read the NAS documentation to see if it's possible.  It might be, but
it would involve FreeRADIUS sending an attribute to the NAS saying "do
this".  The NAS would then be responsible for firewalling.

  Remember, RADIUS carries *suggestions*.  The RADIUS protocol isn't
involved in routing, filtering, firewalling, web serving, etc.  No user
traffic ever goes through a RADIUS server, so redirecting user traffic
in RADIUS is *impossible*.

  Alan DeKok.

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