hashed username in MySQL?

Adam Moffett adamlists at plexicomm.net
Fri Mar 8 19:13:15 CET 2013

I had a user set up in the users file and it was all working.  Now I'm 
experimenting with MySQL and in the debug output I'm looking at the SQL 
queries and instead of the actual clear text username I'm getting this:


...which I assume is the username hashed.  Is there some simple option 
someone can't think of that would explain a clear text username being ok 
for the files module, but getting a hashed username in the SQL module?

An unrelated comment:  The last time I used RADIUS there was PAP and 
CHAP.  MSCHAP was a new thing.  The amount that has changed in the past 
15 years is a little overwhelming.

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