Trying to integrate with LDAP

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Thu Mar 14 01:53:18 CET 2013

I tryed both, with ou= or without

I dont kwon what try :s

Enviado do meu Android.

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On 13 Mar 2013, at 20:00, Fernando Barreto <fernando.sg1 at> wrote:

> hey, thanks for the quickly repply

> [ldap]  expand: dc=xxxx,dc=edu,dc=br -> dc=xxxxx,dc=edu,dc=br

Bbecause you changed the search DN?

In the original request it was:

> [ldap] expand: ou=People,dc=xxxxx,dc=edu,dc=br -> ou=People,dc=xxxxxxx,dc=edu,dc=br

Now its:

> [ldap]  expand: dc=xxxx,dc=edu,dc=br -> dc=xxxxx,dc=edu,dc=br

The and the scope is probably set incorrectly.

and no, you don't need to duplicate the ldap config in radiusd.conf.


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