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John Dennis jdennis at
Thu Mar 14 18:49:45 CET 2013

On 03/14/2013 01:20 PM, fernando.sg1 at wrote:
> i put on LDAP (/module)
> password_attribute = userPassword
> and now works fine... almost :S
> he only works with plaintext password, how i change that to use MD5
> passwords?

You need to understand the information found here:

You also need to understand the difference between using LDAP as an 
authentication data store (credential storage) and as an authentication 
oracle (i.e. authentication proxy).

You also need to understand that the authorize step passes the incoming 
request to each module in the authorize section where the module is 
given a chance to examine the request and decide if it's capable of 
handling it, this is how the Auth-Type is set. Which modules are defined 
and their order is significant. This is documented in the 
raddb/sites-enabled/default config which is a recommended configuration.

Until you have these concepts firmly under your grasp you'll likely be 
frustrated trying to modify the configuration.

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