troubles with eap-peap mschapv2

Bertrand Poulet bertrand.poulet at
Thu Mar 14 19:57:49 CET 2013


>> Tue Mar 12 15:10:20 2013 : Info: # Executing section authorize from file
> When you make debug output, please just use:
> radiusd -X
> Don't use the other arguments; they just create noise and volume 
> (timestamps) that are basically irrelevant.
Ok, sorry.

> This fails really REALLY early in the EAP setup. The certs haven't even 
> been exchanged yet.
> Start checking other things - check the network path, firewalls, MTU, 
> etc. because it doesn't look like you're receiving the PEAP start - just 
> the initial EAP identity.
Thanks, there was troubles with some filtered packets.


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