Ldap + freeradius... Again

Alan DeKok aland at deployingradius.com
Fri Mar 15 05:24:32 CET 2013

fernando.sg1 at gmail.com wrote:
> Ok man,
> keep dont help too much, ill try again,
> the documentation dont helped before and i guess this will not help again...

  My suggestions work.  Since you're not interested in following them, I
don't know why you're on this list.

> im keep saying dont need to be rude man, do you born everything? 2
> months ago i never used a linux pc, now im trying to learn, if you say: 
> hey man, you make lots of change that arent the correct try to do that,
> and that, and that....
> you probably would helped me more.

  My suggestions work.  The fact that you're still complaining shows you
don't want help.

> as you say, you teach me a lesson, try to follow the documentation and
> dont use guides on internet
> and i'm trying to teach you: be more gentle, no1 born knowing everything. 

  My suggestion was gentle.  Your response wasn't.

  Alan DeKok.

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