[Help] Is that possible to change the reject message that appears at the Windows Pop Up

Danny Kurniawan danny.kurniawan at fairchildsemi.com
Mon Mar 18 16:48:15 CET 2013

Hi All,

So i have been able to authenticate my wireless user using 802.1x + LDAP +
MAC address (using CallingStationID attriubute). So now for example when
user A have MAC 11:22:33 but tried to login using another device there will
be a pop up window when they try to connect - just a plain error popup
saying "Unable to connect". Is there any way we can customize this error
from radius? or should be from the wireless AP?

So below is the unlang code that i use to check whether the user have a set
of MAC address in their ldap profile or not

Possible to have that reject command to return some code that Windows
client can understand like "No MAC address" etc?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,
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