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Tony Peña at
Fri Mar 22 17:11:11 CET 2013

Hi to all.

I have some suffix configure, to can do load balance between some sql
accountings servers.
and I have this check into radiusd.conf

if (User-Name =~ /^(.+) {
                else {

and I have some users configured to can access by other way in the public
PAP, using part of the suffix so i want to balance too

in fact.. the question is my suffix for


can use monthlycounter2

and the rest.. with only been 'just the user part'
by montlycounter1

i test this

if (User-Name =~ /^(.+)@institute?.domain?.cu/) {
                else {

and the servers running fine.. but i'm not sure if the regex is defined
can help me in that...?

thanxs in advance.

Antonio Peña
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