Setting up EAP-TLS as the ONLY authentication mechanism?

Alan DeKok aland at
Sun Mar 24 16:11:36 CET 2013

Thomas Hruska wrote:
> The difference from your response to Arran's response to my questions is
> night and day.  He was moderately polite while you were and are
> downright rude.

  As always, my first response is polite and answers your questions.  I
only get blunt when people argue with me.

  I'll also note that you've conveniently deleted all of my other
points.  I'll take that as evidence you agree with them.

>  That's the other key factor - making sure stuff
> can be found via Google as a top result on the official site.  Google is
> your first line of defense against newbies and, when you host the
> content yourself, you control that line of defense.

  Another lecture about how superior you are.

> On a different note, I've also found that telling people how long I've
> been writing software does nothing beneficial.  You just get into a
> yelling match with those who have been writing software longer.

  If you've been writing software for a long time, you should have been
able to figure out how to edit the default config.

> I can tell when I'm not wanted, so I'll just drop off this list.  Later.

  I have no patience for people who are ignorant about a subject, and
lecture me on it.

  This list is for people who want to solve RADIUS problems.  If you
focus on that, you're OK.  If you complain about "red flags" because of
your RADIUS ignorance, you will get told off, and rightly so.  It's rude
to be condescending to experts, and I won't have it.

  Alan DeKok.

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