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Alex Sharaz alex.sharaz at york.ac.uk
Mon Mar 25 11:48:27 CET 2013

I the past I've "tail'd" a log file ( this was for squid and not freeradius) and piped that into a perl script that would then write things into a database but  it's a lot easier using syslog talking to an rsyslog back end database that writes things into a database for you.

On 25 Mar 2013, at 10:45, AemNet <sysadmin-aemnet at aemnet.it> wrote:

> On 25/03/2013 11:05, Olivier Beytrison wrote:
>> This is not possible directly from freeradius.
>> What you can do, is tell FreeRadius to log to your syslog deamon (like
>> syslog-ng) and then tell syslog-ng to write the log within an INSERT
>> statement for your database. Then you can send this to your database.
>> Those two links might help you :
>> http://wiki.freeradius.org/guide/Syslog-HOWTO
>> http://vermeer.org/docs/1
>> But this is beyond the scope of the freeradius list
>> Olivier
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> Thank you for the answer and for the links Olivier, but I prefer don't use the syslog system if it's possilbe.
> Do you think it's possible instead to use a script (perl/bash anything else) after the request arrive and put it in a DB?
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