Wrong destination port in reply to DHCP relay

Бен Томпсон b.thompson at latera.ru
Mon Mar 25 12:31:30 CET 2013

Hello Everyone

I have an issue with an installation of FreeRADIUS 2.2.0 configured
for DHCP, and I am seeing a problem where FreeRADIUS is replying to
the wrong port on the DHCP relay.

The request comes in like this :-

Received DHCP-Discover of id de6dc6f2 from to

But the the server replys like this :-

Sending DHCP-Offer of id de6dc6f2 to

The problem is that the relay is expecting the reply on port 67, so I
am getting an ICMP port unreachable message back and the DHCP offer is

I found a similar thread from 2008 which says that this was fixed:

However, this is quite a while ago and I guess that lots of things
have changed, so I would be grateful if someone could verify the
current v2.2.0 code for me to check that the fix is in there.



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