Server switch

Emmanuel BILLOT emmanuel.billot at
Tue Mar 26 10:53:36 CET 2013


We have a Freeradius server configured with 3 instances, each using 
particular authorize, authenticate and accounting section.
Each server listen on a particular port.
Each server is used by a WLAN on access point.

Our problem is that many "basic" access point can only declare one 
radius server. Our solution works with hardware that can declare 3 
radius server (1 serveur but 3 different ports).
We want to modify this so that all WLAN use only one radius server, with 
the default port.

Considering request show lines like
Called-Station-Id = "C0-8A-DE-3D-B4-09:TEST"
Called-Station-Id = "C0-8A-DE-3D-B4-09:WIFI"

where TEST and WIFI are the SSID concerned.

How can we route request to different ports of the server (so instances) 
by using this ?
I mean when SSID is TEST, request is redirected to local instance on 
port 1820, and when SSID is WIFI, request is redirected to local 
instance on port 1821 ?


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