Getting clients from a mysql table

Olivier Beytrison olivier at
Tue Mar 26 14:10:25 CET 2013

On 26.03.2013 13:52, Peter Kaagman wrote:
>> Try adding the SQL module to the jnstantiate section of radiusd.conf
> From the radiusd -X output:
>>> including configuration file /etc/raddb/modules-enabled/logintime
>>> including configuration file /etc/raddb/eap.conf
>>> including configuration file /etc/raddb/sql.conf
> Not sure what you mean by that... to me it looks like sql.conf is loaded
Yes the configuration file is loaded.

But it seems that you do not use the sql module anywhere within your
virtual server. If you look at your debug output, you won't find a
"Module: Instantiating module "sql""

If you don't call "sql" within your virtual server and want to use it
only to load your NASes, then add "sql" to the instantiate {} section in



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